Murage Martin

Frontend/Backend Engineer

I empower companies and businesses by providing them with up-to-date quality, reliable, & efficient technology solutions [if applicable] so they can focus on what you do best: solving business challenges.

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A highlight about me

I am a multi-skilled passionate software engineer by profession. I create efficient and methodical software solutions for corporate and commercial clients. I have over 3+ years of experience as a developer in web frontend, backend, desktop applications. I am intensely inquisitive. I ardently scout for emerging tech, venerable tech submissions, and ideas changing how society and tech engage. I have worked with different engineering and non-engineering teams as a consultant, freelancer, and employee capacity. The experience has significantly improved my interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills.

What I do

What I can do for you
Systems Development
Data Visualization
Search Engine Optimization
SharePoint Administration
SharePoint Development
Cloud Migration


My work process
  • 1 Understanding the problem
  • 2 Defining requirements
  • 3 Project timeline & resources planning
  • 4 Project execution { Develop - test - iterate}
  • 5 Project deployment and documentation
  • 6 User training, and maintenance

Tech Stack

My current arsenal


Who I have worked with
Rwanda Ministry of Defence
Rwanda Defence Forces
Rwanda Defence Forces
Alternate Ltd
Alternate Ltd
Mediant International Ltd
Mediant Ltd
ACK St. Philips
ACK St Philips, Kisii